Colour is on a never ending journey to evolve as a band, constantly analysing the meaning of bandness. Their debut album combines an ode to the past (Black Sabbath, Sleep and Yes) with a search for new sounds and feeling. Now that the band has layed a strong foundation live, in the studio, and spiritually, they are ready to take off and explore new sonic dimentions. Though many styles may be attributed to Colour's sound, ultimately they're a proggressive rock band. That means to build upon the past, to look onward, to boldly go where no band has gone before!

Tim Wuyts on guitar/vocal

Other bands:
Filthy Vince
Hannah Sternberg on the drums

Ebo Taylor
Tony Allen
Peter Erskine
Ali Farka Touré
Thomas Segaert on bass/vocal

Bianca Naessens on keyboards

Pino D'Angio

Some memories:


Moby Dick, Antwerpen Juli'22.

Straatfeesten, Kalmthout '22.

Our biggest fan Bianca, promoting a Bandnight where we would play.

Private gig September 2021

Some nice pictures of our show at Frietrock, where we played our first ever gig