Through the Leaves

Verse 1

I wish for you to see the light
What is light?
Dividing day and night
Day and night?
I wish for you to feel the breeze
Show the way
To live life with joy and ease
Must feel great

Verse 2

View the world from afar
What is sight?
Be there no sun, there will be stars
Sun and stars
Feel the earth between you toes
What are toes
Up above we must go
We will go

Verse 3

It may take a load of time
We don’t mind
Might be a couple thousand years
Save our kind
Yet we must return life
Set us free
To this place that is so near
From the sea

Verse 4

Now departing lands they’ve always known
Up and up they go
Pressure dropping as they go

Verse 5

Then, after many years had past
To the surface came at last
Sons and daughters of the bold

Verse 6

There, they couldn’t breathe in the new air
Though they saw the land was fair
It served to strengthen their resolve

Verse 7

here, traveller receives voice of tree
But through some robot trickery
Filtered out its frequencies

Verse 8

Sea was their home
and now they must grow legs from tail
Guided by traveller
Who patiently showed them the way

Verse 9

City was founded
round the tree that thwarted the years
Many more like it
embarking on happier days

Verse 10

What stands on death
Turns centre to life
This marks the end
Of leaders design

And so comes the day
Takes filter away
Ere long hears anew
Tree and him in tune
Returns to his brain

That which it says
For membrance long
He turns what he hears into song


Casting away his robot limbs
Leaving behind country of life
Lost to the wind
Traveller sings
Through the leaves of the tree
Never shall be lost
Their story

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